Membership of the British Naturopathic Association is automatically granted to members of the General Council and Register of Naturopaths (GCRN), application for membership can be found on the application page of the GCRN website.

Member benefits (full members)

Use of Titles:  All UK full members are entitled to use the term Registered Naturopath or Naturopathic Physician.

The Register: All GCRN members are listed in the published annual Register of UK Naturopaths; those in practice can also add their practice details to the public ‘find a naturopath’ pages on the GCRN website.

Full members also receive:

  • Regular updates from GCRN Council on developments in the profession; legal and professional issues relating to naturopathy in the UK and worldwide; and new research evidence;
  • A Membership Certificate, renewed annually;
  • Discounted indemnity insurance (UK practice only);
  • Discounted fees for CPD events and study days;
  • Access to web based evidence-based practice resources (currently MedicineWorks) (UK members only);
  • Professional support resources on GCRN web site, including locum services and discussion fora;
  • An active Mentoring and Buddying programme;
  • Online journal and member magazine access and e-newsletters

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